What should I ask a prospective divorce attorney?

If you are looking to retain a divorce attorney, you should make an appointment for a consultation.  At the consultation, an experienced attorney will focus on issues that will or may develop in your case.  The attorney will ask about your educational background, how long you have been married, if separated when that occurred, what caused the break down in your marriage, employment, number of children and whether a child has health or developmental issues, whether you own real estate and/or automobiles, bank accounts and other investments, and retirement benefits.  Be prepared to pay a consultation fee.  Advice or information that you receive is worth what you pay for it.

Ask about the attorney’s experience and the general approaches that the attorney may take in your case.  Ask whether the attorney will handle your case or pass on to more inexperienced associate.  Ask the attorney about his or her retainer and hourly rate.

Get a feeling for the attorney and determine whether you can work with he or she and whether they will share your concerns and work diligently in your behalf.

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